Ariel Eshel Creative House, active in the field of holistic customer experience (CX) since 1995

Our work incorporates all aspects of user experience (UX), holistic customer experience (CX) and user interface (UI) on both the strategic and tactical (implementation) levels.

We stay up to date with all developments in the human-computer interaction (HCI) fields, both technological and design-oriented, through professional literature and international conventions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Consultation and strategizing – examining the client’s needs and reviewing worldwide trends, examining sustaining information systems and reviewing technological solutions, examining the corporate culture, laying out a master plan and detailed work plans for the organization’s interactive communication with its target audiences.
  • Architecture and design of interactive systems and applications – including responsive websites, mobile phone and tablet applications, corporate portals, information stations (incl. ATMs and automated ticketing booths), various equipment’s screens, direct mailing and automated response systems. We specialize in visualization of information rich screens and manners of converting data into information with added value for the user.
  • Consultation on RFT writing and selection of software solution providers.
  • Process supervision – supervision of cross-functional processes, enabling the implementation of efficient communication between the organization and its target audiences. If necessary, the supervision includes updating corporate practices and processes, or their commencement.
  • Execution and QA supervision – close supervision of the software solutions providers and performance of quality assurance.
  • Content management – writing and making professional content accessible (with broad experience in the health, medicine, culinary, finance and banking fields), content design and entry, active management of content in accordance with the organization’s business strategy and goals.
  • Teaching – giving lectures in the fields of writing for interactive media and interactive online marketing.

Our services can be used in a modular manner, that is to say in all or part of our ares of expertise.

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