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Creating a cellular real-time smart navigation application, mainly for the urban tourist.

Project description:

The year is 2003. We were asked to plan and design a cellular application that will change the way an urban tourist is behaving. That meant real-time navigation, location based on line info and e-commerce options – all tailored for a specific target audience.  

Prior having the option to download the application you had to register yourself in the Moto-Now web site. In this site you should first verify that your cellular operator is taking a part in the Moto-Now project and then fill in some info about your preferences. A second reminder: the year is 2003!

As most of the components were perfectly functioning the application was exposed to seniors of the cellular industry (operators). That happened during an event which took place on the boards of a luxury ship, landed nearby some Spanish island. We proposed that after the frontal presentation each of the seniors will have a cellphone equipped with the application, with which he should find a hidden treasure that we put in the island.

To cut long story short, some of Motorola (Europe) managers got ‘cold feet’ and shut down the project. Another historical miscue.


Consultation, concept planning, full architecture, design, holistic accompaniment


Project manager for Maccabi: Galit Halevi (marketing), Anat Katz (computing)
Entrepreneur (Motorola): Dr. Hanan Gabay
Project manager (Motorola): Michal Shoshan
Concept & Architecture: Ariel Eshel
Graphic concept: David Casirer
Animation and video: Shemi Frenkel

Date of delivery.

December 2003

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