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Creating a Health & Medical web portal with thorough, trustworthy content, in order to serve as a source of information and center of attraction for the target audiences.

Project description:

As of the year 2008, there were no health and medical portals in Israel that contained structured information in the health and medicine fields, validated and authenticated on a regular basis and served up in easily comprehensible language.

The project included the indication of a detailed master plan and the training of teams of writers with previous education in the health and medicine fields, who worked tirelessly, within their fields, in writing the content material.

The content included structured entries in the medical field (Illnesses and Conditions segment), comprehensive themed magazines and articles dealing mostly in preventative medicine and practical guidance for a healthy lifestyle. Since the Maccabi web portal was launched in January 2010 and up to January 2015 (at which time the content project was terminated), it accumulated thousands of high-quality content materials that created a great deal of interest and are an inseparable part of Maccabi’s services.

Ariel Eshel, holding both education in the fields of nutrition and life sciences as well as a rich experience in writing and editing, served as chief editor as well as creating healthy lifestyle content, including healthy recipes. He was assisted by Dr. Tal Peleg-Shulman, who headed the medical content.

It should be noted that without the active support for the project by Prof. Ehud Kokia (Director General of Maccabi for the majority of the relevant period) and Prof. Avi Porat (Director of the Health Division for the majority of the relevant period) this project could not have come to be.



Architecture, consultation, initiating, teams training, content validation, writing and editing.


Project manager for Maccabi: Galit HaLevi
Project architecture: Ariel Eshel
Project manager: Aviv Day
Chief Editor: Ariel Eshel
Deputy Editor: Dr. Tal Peleg-Shulman
Calculators Design: Yael Ben Dov

Date of delivery.

January 2010


Date of Project Termination

January 2015



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