Upgrading Maccabi’s Health and Services Web Portal



Maccabi Healthcare Services


Upgrading Maccabi’s web portal in both the visual sphere, concerning the user experience and differentiation from the competition, as well as the functional sphere, advancing the services provided through the website and making them more efficient.

Project description:

Many changes occurred in visual methodologies regarding interactive design since the Maccabi web portal was first launched in January 2010. Maccabi’s competitors have improved their websites and the need arose to upgrade the website’s functions.

Through this project, the user experience was significantly improved both in the visual sense and in regards to information accessibility, while differentiating Maccabi from its competitors. Amongst these improvements, some noteworthy ones are:

  • A new conceptualization of the home page
  • Simplification of the information architecture
  • Improved accessibility to content in the Maccabi Members’ Benefits section
  • Visual branding for the website’s different segments
  • Founding a holistic public inquiries center

Additionally, a Google Search Appliance (GSA), using Google’s search engine’s logic, was implemented through our guidance. This advanced information location mechanism enables efficient access to all content and promotions in the search results, in accordance with the organization and users’ needs.


Architecture, consultation, initiating, teams training, content validation, writing and editing.


Project manager for Maccabi: Lilach Ben Artzi<
Concept Architecture and Project Managment: Aviv Day
Graphic Master Concept: Yaelle David
Concept Development, Graphic Language and Branding: Yamit Hadad
Content Managment: Omri Rosen
Technical Management: Maital Rozenboim
Search Engine Management (GSA) Udi Assaf
Executing company Matrix

Date of delivery.

March 2015

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