Ariel Eshel Creative House

Ariel Eshel Creative House has been active since 1995 in all aspects of user experience (UX), holistic customer experience (CX) and user interface (UI) on both the strategic and tactical (implementation) levels. Our core activity includes mostly consulting, laying out master plans and implementation, architecture and design of interactive media, managing content and making it accessible, and teaching.

Our main added value lies in our ability to provide creative solutions for the client’s needs, combining knowledge and experience in marketing, design and technology (information systems and computing). This follows from our professional team’s multidisciplinary abilities as well as our unique training program. Alongside our creative work we insist on following common practices and methodologies, guaranteeing a proper product at the end of the day.

Our work is supported by keeping up to date with all developments and trends in the human-computer interaction (HCI) fields, both technological and design-oriented, through ongoing reading of up-to-date academic and professional literature, as well as participation in international conferences.

Our expertise was accumulated through designing complex projects in various fields, including baking and finance, health and medicine, media, energy, government, ticketing and e-commerce.


For the community

We donate funds every year to various charity organizations. In particular, we donate to the ‘Harmony Village‘ (Kfar Izun), an innovative and unique recovery and rehabilitation center for young back-packers who have fallen to drugs or other traumatic events in Israel or abroad.

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